What I believe:


In the fall of 2014, my co-founders and I raised a Series-A from top investors. Shortly after, we double our team size and at the same time, I experienced burnout for the first time as a founder.

Our company was a success, but in the process of building it, I failed do the necessary work to manage my health and emotions.

As I talked to other founders, I realized I was not alone. Managing companies through rapid change is hard. It requires being deeply self-aware of your strengths, weaknesses, and evolving professional motivations.

Years after we sold Looksharp, I stepped into what I had known for a long time, my strength and passion is not for one product, but for helping individuals learn to be the most authentic and effective version of themselves. That year, I got certified as an executive coach and now work with a number of the top early-stage founders in the US and abroad.

So what do I believe? I believe that leadership looks different for everyone. I believe that your work should be deeply fulfilling. And I believe that with proper awareness and action you can find your own path towards these goals.


About Me


  • Founder Looksharp. Raised over $12 million in funding, grew to 25+ employees, managed marketing team, successful exit.

  • Coached and advised 30+ successful founders with a total of over $300 million in VC capital raised.

  • Speak at startup accelerators including 500 Startups, Kapor Capital, Founders Network, and more on topic of “Difficult Conversations”

  • Certified in coaching by CTI, trained in Enneagram and co-founder meditation



Nathan's coaching helped me develop leadership skills that changed the trajectory of our startup, as well as repair my relationship with one of my co-founders.

-Dhaval Bhatt, Founder, Scribbler

Nathan is by far, the best business coach and leader support system I have ever worked with. He is able to separate messy internal situations into structured action plans, and is incredibly emotionally in touch.

-Kelly Samuels, Director, Qode Social

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Nathan has made me realize what a fantastic coach is—it’s someone who is able to push me in the direction that I know is right, but that I've been holding myself back from achieving. Nathan has a unique ability to see what is possible in me and find the ways to make these goals a reality. Working with Nathan has been a game-changer in my personal and professional life.

-Phil Levine, CEO, Golden Gate Recruits


1-1 Coaching

My coaching pulls from a variety of schools including Co-Active coaching, conscious coaching, and the Enneagram. My work includes:

  • 360 reviews to identify your strengths and weaknesses

  • Exploring and developing emotional intelligence (EQ)

  • Conflict mediation

  • Using the Enneagram as a tool for self-reflection

  • More

Co-Founder Mediation

I work with a variety of founders to better navigate challenging co-founder exits as well as founder conflict resolution

  • Spent 7 years as a co-founder through multiple company-wide changes include hyper-growth, down-sizing, co-founder exits, and an eventual exit

  • Trained in nonviolent communication and mediation techniques

  • Coached and advised 30+ founders and mediated numerous co-founder conflicts


I have developed a custom 360-review process to help individual leaders and broader senior leadership teams to discover their strengths and weaknesses as well as develop an action plan to grow towards these insights.


I currently speak at accelerator companies and startups around the US and abroad on the topic of “How to Have Difficult Conversations.”

The Sharpend Approach:

Growth happens in a trusting environment, outside your comfort zone. My coaching focuses on four pillars:

  1. EQ. Exceptional leaders must learn exceptional EQ (self-awareness, self-regulation, motivation and empathy).

  2. Systems Thinking. Your results at work are an output of your intrapersonal health and interpersonal health.

  3. Awareness. I use tools including 360-reviews, the Enneagram, and more to grow self-awareness.

  4. Action. Ultimately, my coaching guides clients to action, which becomes fuel for continued learning and growth.