What I believe:


In the fall of 2014, my co-founders and I raised $7 million from some of Silicon Valley’s top investors. Six months later we hit our company milestones and grew to over 10 million student users. That same month, I hit a wall, and experienced burnout for the first time in my life.

Our company was a success, but in the process of building it, I failed to manage my health or do the necessary work to stay excited.

As I talked to other founders, I realized I was not alone. Managing companies through rapid change is hard. It requires tapping into new leadership skills, but also taking time to understand your strengths, weaknesses, and evolving motivations.  

As I navigated through this challenge, I began working with an executive coach who helped me redefine myself within our company and outside. Later, when we sold Looksharp, I got certified as an executive coach and now work with other founders to help each one become the most authentic and effective version of themselves.

So what do I believe? I believe your work should fulfill you. I believe the world needs you to be creative, motivated, and whole so you can bring your vision to life—because no one else will.


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My Approach: The Sharpend is term for when you are slightly outside your comfort zone. When managed correctly, this is the ideal place to learn and grow.

My coaching focuses on four philosophies:

  1. EQ: Successful leaders must develop exceptional self-awareness, self-regulation, motivation and empathy.

  2. Systems Thinking: Your work output is the result of your intrapersonal health, interpersonal health, and environment.

  3. Feedback: Feedback is the water that nurtures our growth.

  4. Assess, commit and go. You need a deliberate strategy of when and how to push yourself.

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