“Customers will never love a company until the employees love it first.”

Your KPIs may be new accounts, product shipped, or year-over-year revenue, but none of these will matter if you don't get culture right.

Culture always comes from the top. Nathan leads workshops for startup leaders to help them create a more open and honest work environment, which leads to greater employee happiness and lasting results.


Create a Culture of Feedback

Employees who receive regular feedback report 25% better overall performance and 125% less burnout than their peers. Nathan providers SLT and companywide trainings on how to create a culture of continuous feedback.


Manager Training: Hiring, Firing, and Performance Reviews:

Startups, like all businesses are all about the people. Nathan will work with your executive team to come up with a custom manager training for incorporating best practices for hiring, firing, and delivering difficult, but important performance reviews.

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Design Your Company's Values

Your company's values are different from your brand’s values. These are the values that express your company's purpose and why employees should be excited to come in to work everyday. Nathan will meet with your executive team and help you define and deliver your team's core values.