My mission in life is to help entrepreneurs and leaders push their limits and become their most complete self. I have spent the past decade as an advisor and executive coach to various high-growth startups around the US.

Prior to coaching I co-founded and led marketing at Looksharp, for 7 years.

During my career as an entrepreneur, I became unfulfilled, causing me to explore coaching and begin working with a new generation of entrepreneurs to help them align their professional work with a deeper life purpose.


  • 7 years as Founder and Head of Marketing at Looksharp (exited)

  • Coached and advised 30+ founders in the US and abroad

  • Spoken at conferences around the US on topics including “How to Have Difficult Conversations,” “How to Avoid Burnout,” “Building a Lasting Company Culture,” and more

  • Mentor at 500 Startups

  • Trained in Co-Active coaching

  • Trained in the Enneagram

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